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Send your voice prayer to Jerusalem

Send a voice prayer to Jerusalem!

Pray in Jerusalem as if you are here. You can pray from wherever you are, by sending a vocal recording of your prayer from your smartphone, to be broadcasted in Jerusalem, across the city's skyline. 

For 3.4 billion people around the world, Jerusalem holds a special spiritual and religious place in their hearts and souls. Some dream of experiencing its heavenly history, others yearn for its peace (Psalm 122:6), and many direct their deepest devotion and faith each day in prayer towards the holy city.

A pilgrimage site, where the eternal words of God were ushered forth through religious and historical leaders and prophets, Jerusalem is home to the hopes and dreams of the world's three main monothestic faiths. 

Now you can become part of its magnifying legacy, and have your own words, voice and intentions be heard in the city of God.


How do we perform this service

Record your voice prayer from where ever you are


Send it easily through Whatsapp


We will broadcast your prayer overlooking Jerusalem's skyline


We will send you a video of your played prayer in Jerusalem


Let your prayer be heard in the city of God

prayer to Jerusalem

For only $7.90:
  • You will be able to comfortably send us your prayer through Whatsapp
  • Your prayer will be broadcasted in Jerusalem, overlooking the city's skyline
  • You will receive a video showing your prayer's broadcasting in Jerusalem

Some of the amount you pay for this service goes to our less fortunate brothers and sisters in the Holy City. In the spirit of solidarity and communion, we have worked together in this meaningful mission as God’s beloved family.