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Platinum Level Partner

    About the Platinum Level Partner

    This partnership level is for those whom God has blessed abundantly. This partnership level for those who recognize the concept of equal sacrifice but unequal gifts. Jesus commended the poor widow in Mark 12:41-44 because she put two small silver coins in the offering. Her offering was not signaled out because it represented a great sum of money, but because it represented a great sacrifice—it was all she had. Others gave Jesus more—for example, Levi threw a lavish party in his honor and others funded his ministry. But the widow in Mark 12 is especially commended because her gift was thoughtful and sacrificial. God still has his eye out for (and desires to bless) that kind of heart (Psalm 14:2).

    Those who provide a gift of $2000 gift to Sepulure-Candles (which represents giving about $5.50 a day) are special partners in our God-honoring work. We show our appreciation to partners who help us be the best we can be by giving the best that we can give—our prayers, gratitude, candles, bracelets, and more. Together, in glory, we will know that we gave our best effort to serve the Lord and share His truth and love.

    Platinum Level Partner

    Summary of benefits (additional information is noted in the next paragraph)
    • We will light a candle on your behalf daily for a year.
    • You will be able to update your prayer request daily.
    • You will receive 2 sets of our ‘Gift of Light’ candles with olive wood boxes. 
    • We will adopt a Jerusalem Olive tree in your name + send you 4 jugs of Jerusalem Olive Oil
    • You will receive 5 sets of inspirational bracelets that were placed on the Stone of Anointing
    • You will receive 1 Prayer Rosary that has been placed on the Stone of Anointing 
    • You will receive our special Partner Cloth Badge
    • We will mention your name during a Sunday Mass in the Church of the Holy Sepulchre.
    • You will receive our Platinum “Prayer Partner” Certificate.
    • You will enjoy a special 40% discount on future services.

    Pay: $166 / month only ($2000 in total)



    About our Prayer Partner Program

    Becoming a partner in the work of Sepulchre-Candles is a wonderful-God-honoring act of service and investment of your time. Scripture notes that “two are better than one for there is a better return for their work.” (Ecclesiastes 4:9). And so we invite you to prayerfully consider our partnership options.

    We encourage you to help Sepulchre-Candles meet its critical need of having hundreds of people from across the globe financially supporting and praying for God’s blessing on efforts to share the truth and love of Christ. Our quest is to inspire, encourage, and embolden believers in their Christian walk.


    Additional Prayer Partner Offerings