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Adopt an Olive Tree

Adopt a Jerusalem Olive Tree

“Man is like the tree of the field.” -Deuteronomy 20:19

The Lord said to Adam: "look at my work, how beautiful and perfect is everything that I created. I created it for you. Be careful not to ruin and destroy my world. If you ruin it, there is nobody to restore it after you." Ecclesiastes Rabba 7:28

The olive tree is said to live forever, and truly, olive trees from as long ago as biblical times have been discovered in Jerusalem. But despite their longevity, olive trees are unlike many other trees, which can flourish in neglect once they are planted. Olive trees must be cultivated. Just like a one’s faith, an olive tree, once planted, must be nurtured and cared for. If you are not actively growing it, it will not flourish.

In recent decades, thousands of olive trees were planted in and around the Holy City, which have since been forgotten. These neglected trees need to be adopted by caring people and communities who will help restore and preserve them--people who want to help build and support Jerusalem.

As we e believe that spirituality goes hand in hand with giving, with each adoption, we will donate a portion of the proceeds to a Jerusalem charity. In addition, each year the Jewish National Fund opens the orchards to small Israeli producers of olive products, for harvesting. So when you adopt an olive tree in Jerusalem, you are adopting the city of Jerusalem.

When you adopt an olive tree, you can sponsor the tree in your name or in the name of a family, friend, or loved one. Your adopted tree will be provided with everything it needs to flourish, and to produce delicious fruits for the next 1-5 years. Together with the farmers we work with will use the best technology available to ensure an abundant harvest.

In recognition of your adoption, you will receive an elegant jug of olive oil along with a certificate describing your support and detailed information about the unique tree that you have adopted.

Help us support the tree of peace. Help us support Jerusalem. Adopt an olive tree, and give a gift to Jerusalem that will live for all eternity. Give Jerusalem the tree of peace.

How do we perform this service

We choose an abandoned Olive tree in Jerusalem hills for your donation


We add this tree to our project and partner with local farmers who will take care of your tree

Thanks to your donation the tree will get harvested and will be used to manufacture quality Olive oil


As our partner for this project, we will send you a jug of Jerusalem olive oil along with a special certificate announcing your contribution.


Support Jerusalem with the tree of Peace

Olive tree in Jerusalem Jerusalem olives on treeAdopt an olive treeJerusalem olivesOlive tree branch in Jerusalem A Jerusalem olive tree in the ground

For only $59.90 / year:
  • You will have your very own adopted Olive tree in Jerusalem
  • Your contribution will allow local farmers to harvest the tree and nurture it
  • You will receive a jug of Jerusalem Olive oil to your home address with a special certificate

Some of the amount you pay for this service goes to our less fortunate brothers and sisters in the Holy City. In the spirit of solidarity and communion, we have worked together in this meaningful mission as God’s beloved family.