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Adopt an Olive Tree

Adopt a Jerusalem Olive Tree

Olive trees from as long ago as biblical times have been discovered in Jerusalem. But despite their longevity, olive trees, unlike many trees which can flourish in neglect, must be cultivated. An olive tree, like our faith, must be nurtured, cared for, and cultivated if it is to thrive.

Thousands of olive trees were planted in Jerusalem since Israel became a sovereign and independent nation in 1948. Unfortunately, many of these tress have been neglected and are in need of care. We thank you in advance for considering adopting a tree to ensure its preservation.

As we believe that spirituality goes hand in hand with giving, with each adoption, we will donate a portion of the proceeds to a Jerusalem charity. In addition, each year the Jewish National Fund opens the orchards to small Israeli producers of olive products, for harvesting. So when you adopt an olive tree in Jerusalem, you are adopting the city of Jerusalem.

We would be happy for you to adopt and sponsor a tree in your name, or in the name of a family, friend, and loved one. We will see to the tree’s care and work with farmers to ensure an abundant harvest.

In recognition of your adoption, you will receive an elegant jug of olive oil along with a certificate describing your support and detailed information about the unique tree that you have adopted.

Thank you for supporting Jerusalem’s adopt a tree program. Thank you for giving a gift that will keep giving—a gift that represents peace and life.


How do we perform this service

With your help, we will adopt an abandoned olive tree that is in need of care.


We will add your tree to our project and partner with local farmers to ensure its will care.

With your support, the olive tree will produce quality olive oil and bless others.


As our partner in this project, we will send you a jar of olive oil from Jerusalem, along with a special certificate noting your contribution.


Support Jerusalem with the tree of Peace

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For only $70 / year:
  • An olive tree in Jerusalem will be adopted in your name
  • Your contribution will ensure your tree will be cared for by local farmers.
  • A jar of olive oil from Jerusalem and a certificate noting your contribution will be mailed to your home.


Give Jerusalem a gift for life, adopt and sponsor a tree in your name, or in the name of a family, friend, and loved one.

Olive trees have cultural and spiritual significance in Israel. From ties to the Noah story to Jesus’s teaching on Mt. Olivet and retreats to the striking Garden of Gethsemane, the evergreen tree and its oil have been a staple and mark of beauty for Jerusalem. In the Bible, Olive trees were used to represent kings, priests, and the two great witnesses noted in the book of Revelation. 

What makes olive trees special? Olive trees have met many practical needs through the ages. The 20’ tall evergreen tree provides shade and beauty in an arid land. The Bible notes that from ancient times, olive trees were a source of wood for furniture (1 Kings 6:23, 31–33), food (Nehemiah 9:25), oil for lamps (Exodus 27:20), and medicine (Isaiah 1:6; Luke 10:34). No other tree has played so prominent a role throughout Israel’s history.

Are olive trees religious? Olive trees have played a practical purpose in Israel for thousands of years. However, olive trees also have high spiritual connotations. Olive trees and oil are linked to God’s promise (Genesis 8:11), God’s blessing (Psalm 23:5), and God’s presence (Leviticus 24:2). Religious leaders used oil in sacrifices (Leviticus 2:4; Genesis 28:18), and to the anointing of leaders—a symbol of God’s favor (1 Samuel 10:1; 2 Kings 9:3). No other tree in the Bible is so closely linked to God’s provision and favor.

What does giving an olive tree mean? For more than 2500 years, Israel has not been a sovereign and independent country, and her people have been oppressed. Since the United Nations reestablished Israel as a nation in 1948, there have been efforts to plant olive trees to beautify the land. However, many trees do not receive the care they need. Many do not realize that olive trees can live several thousand years but require human care. We invite you to partner with us to plant new trees and care for the thousands in need of nurturing.

How much is an olive tree worth? This can be difficult to answer as one tree can provide beauty and oil for many generations. According to a recent article in the Jerusalem Post, an olive tree charity connected with Ben Gurion University of the Negev (BGU) noted that the cost of “a single olive tree is $180, three are $500, 10 cost $1,600, and the cost for 18 is $3,000.” BGU recently acknowledged donors of 36 trees, which cost $5,000.

We have partnered with local farmers, and for only $70 / year, you can share in our adopt an olive tree initiative.

For your contribution of $70:
•    We will see that an olive tree in Jerusalem is adopted in your name
•    Your contribution will ensure your tree will be cared for by local farmers.
•    We will send you a jar of olive oil from Jerusalem and a certificate noting your contribution.