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Let us light a candle and pray for your need(s)


Light a Candle

  • A church leader will perform a blessing on your candle, and we will light it in your favor
  • Your prayer request will be printed and placed on the Stone of Anointing
  • Commemorative photos of your lighted candle and prayer request(s) placed on the 'Stone of Anointing’ will be emailed to you.

This is how your candle/s will be lit in the Church of the Holy Sepulchre:



We print your prayer reqeust and take it to the Church

We place your prayer on the Stone of Anointing

We light your candle and hold your prayer close to the Holy Sepulchre


We send you the photos of this service by email

Thank you for your testimonials

    "God bless this website and this service! Brother Michael, you are a true protector of the God's light. Thank you for your service and Amen to you!"


    Rev. David Shore, New England, UK 

  • "I would like to praise your services, Michael, as someone who is using it for couple of years. You are a reliable person and your service is wonderful".

    Kate Wallach, NIce, FRANCE


  • "I wanted to lit a candle for my ill grandmother who is suffering from brain cancer, and found this service. It brought my family peace of mind, as we cannot travel 2,000 miles to visit Jerusalem. I recommend this service to everyone in my church".

    Penny Dawson, PL, USA

  • "My Grandfather became too old for a pilgrimage to Jerusalem, but luckily I've found this site. You should have seen his eyes when he saw the candle I ordered for him. He was beyond happy".


    Joseph Pilmor, Havana, CUBA

  • "I was never religious until my family was stricken with hard times. My Mother suggested having a candle lit in the Church of Holy Sepulchre. I ordered the candle to be lit for us and received the photos. Thank you for this blessed service".

    Mike Wellington, FLUSA

  • "Thank you such a wonderful service. When trying times struck my family I used your site to light a candle in the Holy Sepulchre and feel at ease with the dismay. I am happy to say that things have taken an upturn and I thank you for that".

    T. W. Taylor, WA, USA

  • "Thank you, Michael! I am thankful for your time and assistance in helping me. You have been so wonderfully patient with me!".


    Camille Dreyfus, Budd Lake, USA


  • "Dear Michael, thank you 
    very much for your amazing work and help throughoyut the years we are in touch. Be blessed my friend. Warm regatds to you and yours from Germany".


    Jan Bialas, Leipzig, GERMANY

  • "Dear Michael thank you very much! Michael you are an Angel! Thank you for your help, and for your kindness! God blessings to you, your family and everyone in the church! Thank you again!"


    Marie Jasman, Nice, FRANCE

  • "I cannot express how thank I am for your service. You are reliable, always getting back to messages, and share photos from the Church. Thank you so much for this blessed service!"

    Molly Fanigen, VA, USA


  • "To Michael and the Light of Candle Advocateds, I would like to thank you deeply for placing my prayer on the Stone of Anointing and lighting my candls in the Church".


    Tracy Chapman, CA, USA

  • "Oh, Michael, you made my day! Thank you so very much. May God Bless you and your family in the Holy city of Jerusalem, may his loving Light will protect you always".

    Marie-Chantal, Toronto, CANADA


We invite you to share your prayer request(s) with us so that we can intercede with you and take your concerns before the Lord in prayer. As you can see on our website, we offer several ways to do this.

This page profiles how we would consider it an honor to light a candle and pray on your behalf (or the person you designate) during a special ceremony in the Church of the Holy Sepulchre. Your candle can be lit in honor of a loved one now in heaven or as part of a focus on you, your needs, or the needs of a loved one.

Your prayer request can be sent to us when you place your order. Note: If you desire, you can request that we read one of the prayers listed HERE along with the prayer request you send with your order.

During the candle lighting ceremony in the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, we will light your candle, hold your printed prayer request near the Stone of Anointing, read your request(s), and intercede for you in prayer. 

Our staff will photograph the ceremony, blow out your candle after a time of prayer, and email photos to you.

Those who order the Gift of Light candle will have their candle shipped from Jerusalem in a beautifully crafted olive wood box made in Israel. 
God does not command believers to light candles in a church, but the practice is an expression of faith that commemorates and celebrates the work of Christ. In lighting candles, we profess our faith and acknowledge that Jesus, the “Light of the world,” is the one who cares (1 Peter 5:7), forgives (1 John 1:9), and answers prayers (Matthew 7:7). 

Rituals and ceremonies are not requisites to prayer, but they hone our focus and remind us of the timeless and unchangeable aspects of the faith. As we light candles, we reflect on the Light who came into the world and taught us how to pray (Matthew 6; John 17) and how we are to pray for others. 

 The miracle of Holy Fire in the Church of the Holy Sepulchre makes the candle-lighting ceremony even more precious as it reminds the faithful that long ago, a glorious light appeared in the tomb where the friends placed the body of Jesus. That light, witnessed in the first Church of the Holy Sepulchre many centuries ago, has remained one of the mysteries of these hallowed grounds through the ages. 

Christians are to pray, love the Light, and shine their light. We also believe the Candle and Prayer services we provide help individuals move toward fulfilling these objectives.