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The Church of Holy Sepulchre, Jerusalem

Light a candle for a week

If anyone so desires, his candle offering may be lighted for one week. As this light symbolizes Christ, so its continuous flame signifies his eternal presence in our lives.

Amidst the darkness of our world and the burdens we carry in our hearts and in our minds day by day, Christ’s light will shine forth through our journey and we shall never be alone.

We have then committed ourselves to do this solemn task for you. The below gallery shows exactly how we do that


For only $49.99:

* Your personal intentions will be offered in the same way as a single
   candle is lit for a continuous seven days. 

* Your lighted candle, along with your prayer intention will be placed on
   the Stone of Anointing. 

* Photos of your lighted candle along with your prayer intention on the
  Stone of Anointing will be sent to you by mail in remembrance of your
  special offering.



If you need to pray more intensely for your most urgent needs, you can be absolutely certain that you are never alone and that you are one with the faithful in your yearnings for God. There is more strength in constant and unceasing prayer offered before the Lord with the intention of keeping him in our lives to direct our paths and lead our ways.
As you make your offering, you are also helping our less fortunate brothers and sisters in the Holy City as they will receive part of the amount you paid for your candle. The amount you paid goes a long way more than you ever expected. You did not only pray for yourself, you also took part in a special calling. We were created and united for a mission and now is the perfect time to begin.